Putting affordable insurance software on the map

November 01, 2017

From emerging markets that need full featured insurance software without the enterprise cost, to developed countries that are selling insurance through non-traditional channels, InsuredHQ has created a novel solution. We sat down with Pauline Davies, the company’s CEO, to learn about making quality insurance tools ubiquitous.

Automated insurance for millennials a ‘good thing’

February 23, 2017

InsuredHQ co-founder Matthew Davies feels encouraged that the industry is finally giving clients what they want.

Game-changing insurance platform with a social mission is a Founder Incubator success story

November 06, 2016

InsuredHQ is an insurance policy management system that simplifies the entire insurance process. It handles everything from transactions, to claims, to customer management, breaking down complicated procedures and paper trails into actionable steps that anyone can follow.

InsuredHQ’s new offering ‘attractive to brokers’

November 01, 2016

InsuredHQ has announced the release of three key add-ons for its policy and client management system in the form of mobile apps for iOS and Android, plus client and broker portals.

Outsourcing data storage still the way to go

September 08, 2016

The impact of a massive international data outage lasting more than two weeks leaves questions to be answered in terms of what safety nets are in place when looking for a cloud based insurance software solution.

Innovative cloud-based system propels InsuredHQ business worldwide

March 23, 2016

InsuredHQ, who recently joined as member of the Network, is now attracting big players in the insurance industry worldwide.

Kiwi tech provider’s micro insurance mission going global

March 13, 2016

A new cloud-based IT system designed and developed to help improve insurance services in tsunami-hit Samoa is now revealing its potential with existing insurance companies at home and beyond.

InsuredHQ is NZ Startup of the Week

February 28, 2016

InsuredHQ was announced NZ Startup of the Week by highly regarded and self-proclaimed professional geek, Dave Moskovitz.  The main purpose of his blog is to throw a spotlight on and tell the stories of great NZ startups that are taking on the world.