How does the InsuredHQ business model work?

InsuredHQ believes in the "pay as you grow" model. As such, we charge a small one-off set up fee and then a monthly transaction fee based on a percentage of income generated through the platform for the previous month. This transaction fee covers all support and maintenance.

We believe in giving you the tools to grow your business so that we create a long term working partnership.

How many users can I have with my licence?

InsuredHQ does not charge on a per user basis.

Due to the scalable nature of cloud technology, you can have an unlimited amount of users accessing the system from anywhere in the world.

Do you offer on site training?

Generally our training is conducted online but if you would like on site training, we can quote you for that separately.

InsuredHQ adopts the "train the trainer" approach, that is, we train product champions within your organisation who become your first point of contact in the event of support queries.

How long does it take to set up a system?

InsuredHQ is highly configurable so depending on your requirements, we can deploy a fully working system within 2 to 4 months - or less for InsuredHQ Essentials.

More complex systems requiring custom screens can take a little longer but we will identify and record the scope of works before any project is undertaken and then record the time frames against the project work flow.

Can I add certain features to my Essentials package?

Yes you can. We can roll out the Essentials package for you and then you may decide you want to add broker portals or phone apps. We will quote you separately for the additional features you want.