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Driving Innovation: Unveiling the Power of Integrative Insurtech through the InsuredHQ and Carpeesh Partnership

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About Carpeesh Insurance

Carpeesh Insurance, an innovative insurance provider in Australia, utilizes cutting-edge telematics technology to deliver personalized car insurance policies that are driven by data and tailored to suit the specific demographics of drivers. Through its forward-thinking policies and a robust driver safety app that tracks and evaluates driving patterns, Carpeesh not only offers flexible and customized insurance solutions but also actively promotes safer driving habits among its policyholders.


The Challenge

Carpeesh's groundbreaking approach to auto insurance necessitated an administrative and managerial solution that could effectively handle the intricate and data-rich nature of telematics-driven policies. and integrate a powerful rating engine for efficient underwriting, pricing, and risk management.

Guaranteeing smooth data management, streamlined policy administration, and transparent customer engagement was essential in maintaining Carpeesh's innovative value proposition.


  • Operational Efficiency: Enhanced data management and streamlined policy and claims administration.
  • Adaptative Pricing: Enhanced pricing adaptability, fairness, and transparency through dynamic, data-driven premium calculations.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The transparent, efficient, and customer-centric approach significantly uplifted policyholder trust and satisfaction.
  • Innovative Continuity: Ensured that the innovative essence of Carpeesh was reflected in every customer interaction and transaction.
  • Growth: The collaboration empowered Carpeesh to scale its offerings and cater to a growing customer base without compromising on service quality.


The Collaboration

1. Integration of Telematics and Policy Management:
  • Objective: Streamline the management of data derived from the Carpeesh driver safety app and integrate this data effectively into policy administration.
  • Action: Leveraging InsuredHQ's scalable core insurance administration software, an interface was developed to assimilate telematics data from the Carpeesh app. This ensured precise premium calculations and accurate, data-driven policy adjustments.
  • Outcome: Enabled time and behavior policy adjustments and transparent premium calculations, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.
2. Enhanced Claims Management:
  • Objective: To facilitate seamless, swift, and user-friendly claim processes for Carpeesh’s policyholders directly via the app.
  • Action: Integration of InsuredHQ’s APIs ensured that claims initiated through the Carpeesh app were instantly populated into the management system. Automated workflows were established, ensuring swift claims processing and enhanced data accuracy.
  • Outcome: Reduced claim processing time and enhanced customer experience, especially during post-incident scenarios.
3. Tailored Policy Construction:
  • Objective: Efficiently manage and construct tailored policies for different customer segments - good drivers, young drivers, workers, and rideshare.
  • Action: InsuredHQ facilitated the creation and management of varied insurance products, allowing Carpeesh to administer the nuanced differences and requirements of each policy type easily.
  • Outcome: Efficient policy administration, minimization of manual oversight, and streamlined policy issuance and management.
4. Automated Reporting:
  • Objective: Ensure compliance and generate insightful, data-driven reports for analyzing policy performance, claim statistics, and customer behavior.
  • Action: Utilizing InsuredHQ’s reporting capabilities, automated and regulatory-compliant reports were generated, providing valuable insights that further enabled Carpeesh to refine its offerings.
  • Outcome: Facilitated data-driven decision-making and ensured regulatory compliance with industry-specific reporting.
5. Rating Engine Integration:
  • Objective: To establish an underwriting and pricing model that accurately reflects the risks identified through telematics data, ensuring that premiums are fairly calculated and risk is effectively managed.
  • Action: InsuredHQ integrated a sophisticated rate engine, interfacing it with the telematics data provided by Carpeesh. This allowed for dynamic, real-time adjustments to underwriting decisions and pricing, providing policyholders with tailored, risk-reflective premium options.
  • Outcome: Incorporating the rating engine enabled Carpeesh to offer competitively and fairly priced premiums according to the individual risk profiles, enhancing both profitability and customer trust by ensuring pricing transparency and risk-adequate premiums.
6. Customer Experience Optimization:
  • Objective: To enhance policyholder interactions and communications.
  • Action: InsuredHQ’s communication and document generation functionalities were tailored to align with Carpeesh’s communication strategy, ensuring timely and clear communication with policyholders.
  • Outcome: Improved customer relationships and minimized potential communication gaps during policy alterations, claims, and renewals.

The close partnership between InsuredHQ and Carpeesh epitomizes the power of marrying innovative insurance products with robust, flexible core insurtech solutions. Through meticulous integration and a keen understanding of the unique challenges presented by telematics-based insurance, the partnership has successfully delivered a solution that not only addresses the administrative challenges but also enhances the value delivered to the end customer.

The integration of the rating engine signifies a key evolution in how telematics data can be harnessed for efficient underwriting, pricing, and risk management. It establishes a benchmark in leveraging data for dynamic pricing and risk management, demonstrating the impact of integrating insurtech solutions with innovative insurance product offerings. Through this collaborative venture, InsuredHQ and Carpeesh are forging ahead in the journey toward more individualized, data-driven, and customer-centric insurance solutions.

If you are looking for a dynamic solution and curious team eager to help provide policyholders with innovative insurance products, look no further than InsuredHQ"
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David Richards
CEO, Carpeesh Insurance

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