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How Seguros Muskus replaced their outdated policy management system with InsuredHQ


About Seguros Muskus

Seguros Muskus is the insurance agency for New India Assurance on the island of Curacao, in the Dutch Caribbean. It also has clients in Sint Maarten. It provides options for all sizes of third-party brokers and sells all classes of general insurance.

Working under the same work ethics and standards of New India Assurance International, Seguros Muskus is a team of highly motivated, positive, client-focused professionals. They strive to give clients the highest quality of service and always look for ways to improve themselves and their business.

We spoke to Harish Rao, CEO of Seguros Muskus, about his experience of working with InsuredHQ.


The Problem

Harish Rao had a complicated range of issues to solve when he was searching for a new insurance management solution:

Seguros Muskus used a homegrown policy management system with minimal functionality that was limiting capacity for growth. We wanted to replace it with a complete insurance software management solution that managed policies, claims, document production and accounts. Our search throughout the world was frustrating, with most systems being enterprise level, very expensive and lacking flexibility and functionality.

The company needed a new software vendor its old system was working on outdated/discontinued platforms, it could not be configured to suit their exact needs and it would not allow features to be added over time. It also had many data inconsistencies which would take time to fix and correct. The aim was to work with a team who could support implementation in both the short and long term.

The Goals

  • Fast implementation
  • Upgrade to a configurable system
  • An affordable price without losing quality
  • Agile company
  • Cloud-based solutions for their staff working from different locations
  • Flexibility to move and grow over time
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) rather than a rigid product out-of-the-box
  • Minimum CAPEX investment

The Challenge

The solution offered by InsuredHQ Limited did though seem to meet all our requirements and we decided to go ahead with purchasing the InsuredHQ web-based system. The next challenge was that we needed a solution implemented quickly, to be operational for the start of our financial year only four and a half months from the date the contract was signed.

Harish was also quick to mention one of InsuredHQ’s primary points of difference from other insurance software companies, being the affordable price that didn’t sacrifice quality of the product or support team. “The team was on site and very helpful, they even came for a second visit to help with post-implementation support. Two of InsuredHQ’s executives came to Curacao to assist in the go-live process. They worked tirelessly with our team…”

Regarding features, Harish found the document management, email functionality and policy modules to be the most appealing. Because of bugs from the previous system, the InsuredHQ team has been a critical support system both on site and digitally. “A lot of efforts have been put together to support us, and fix these issues. We expect that in the next six months, we’ll be able to turn a corner and see increases in productivity and financial savings”.

The team support has and continues to be an essential part of the implementation and roll-out of InsuredHQ: “We can always count on the InsuredHQ team to fix critical issues”.

Seguros Muskus’ future looks bright, with plans to increase features and add-ons, rolling-out broker portals to clients, implementing digitisation of all documents, automating emails, upgrading the claims module and dashboards.


A highly successful outcome!
We highly recommend InsuredHQ and its team."

Diane Nelson - Director, REAL Landlord Insurance

Harish Rao
CEO, Seguros Muskus

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